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About PILA
Lynnette Overby Welcome to the Program for Interdisciplinary Learning through the Arts (PILA) website. This site was developed to provide a place for discussion, interaction and resource sharing on the topic of arts in education. The Michigan Standards and Benchmarks are an important source for the development of all aspects of the Program. PILA is located within the Department of Theatre at Michigan State University. The Program has teaching, research and outreach components. This website forms an organizing umbrella for the projects of the Program for Interdisciplinary Learning Through the Arts. We invite you to become a member of PILA and work with us to create a rich range of resources for teachers, students and parents. Enter and know that your contributions to this site add to the growing number of voices who are informed and and excited about the possibilities of interdisciplinary learning through the arts! If you have questions about joining PILA or using this site, please Contact Us. Funding for this project came from The Michigan Department of Education, and the site was designed in collaboration with MATRIX: The Center for Online Arts, Letters, and Social Sciences Online.

PILA Research
Theater Production The teachers and students who participate in PILA programs have contributed to the ongoing debate regarding the place of the arts in schools. Publications and presentations have disseminated the results of PILA programs and projects in local, national, and international venues.

PILA Teaching
Learning Through the Arts Creative Dramatics (THR 421), Children's Theatre (THR 422), and Creativity the Arts and Education (IAH 241 E) are courses designed in various ways to focus on the role of the arts in education. The Creative Dramatics course provides students with knowledge and experience with theatre techniques that are appropriate for use in the preschool and elementary school classroom. Children's Theatre is focused on performance techniques that involve performances with and for young people. Creativity the Arts and Education encourages creative problem solving, with in-depth knowledge of arts in education history and policy.

PILA Outreach
Professional Development for In-Service teachers is an important component of PILA. Each summer teachers gather at Michigan State University for a Summer Institute that focuses on creating and maintaining an arts integrated curriculum. Michigan State University students selected to become a part of the Artsbridge Scholars Program work in classrooms with elementary and secondary teachers. They bring their knowledge of their art form to the classroom teacher, and together they create interdisciplinary projects. The Kinetic Energy Touring Company creates and performs standards based theatre/dance performances for elementary schools all over Michigan. The productions have included "Water Works, Tales of the Hydrosphere," "Spark and Pop the Adventures of Light and Sound", and "The Kaleidoscope of Life". Resources based on the productions and developed for teachers are available on this website.

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